Morris Police, Fire and EMS
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Morris Fire & EMS on Fire 1, and Fireground Red. OPS, Countywide Paging. PD only on Phase-1. Until the radio Is updated.

Morris Police 700 MHz Talk Group..

Grundy Paging on 154.055.

Morris Fire Protection District, on Fire North, 151.37.

RED Fireground,simplex, 153.83.. 700 mhz Ground  on OPS-3.

.. I will lockout Morris PD and Paging in the event of a Box Alarm or Full Still. And monitor Command and Ops-1,  North and RED.

> 7-18, Grundy County is on Starcom.

Morris & Minooka Police have switched to it full time. TG is called "Police - 2".

Paging, Fire & EMS are simulcasting.  (VHF & 700) <