Feed Status
Derby and Haysville Police2 Listeners
Mulvane Fire and EMS
Mulvane Fire & EMS Tac #3. Paging and primary operations channel.
4 Listeners
Sedgwick County Area Railroads
BNSF, Union Pacific, and K&O railroad comms from around the Sedgwick, Harvey, Butler and Sumner County areas.
1 Listeners
Sedgwick County EMS Dispatch/Tac Channels3 Listeners
Sedgwick County Law Enforcement
Includes Wichita PD (All Bureaus and Air Section), Sedgwick County Sheriff, and Kansas Highway Patrol (Wichita Metro Area)
154 Listeners
Wichita and Sedgwick County Fire Resource / OPS-18 Listeners
Wichita and Sedgwick County Fire Tac 1-73 Listeners
Wichita Area NOAA Weather Radio KEC591 Listeners