Feed Status
Blackhawk Fire Protection District0 Listeners
Harlem Roscoe and Rockton Fire Departments, IFERN2 Listeners
Harlem Roscoe Fire
Tac1-Harlem Roscoe Main Operating Channel
0 Listeners
New Milford Fire0 Listeners
North Central Illinois Fire Departments
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0 Listeners
North Park Fire Protection District and Loves Park Fire
North Park Engine Company 803 801 805 Chief Officers 890 891 892 893 Quint 854 Duty Officer 849 Utility Vehicles 841 842 Capt's 897-899 Lt's 880-889 Loves Park 1800's MABAS Red Fireground.
0 Listeners
Northern Illinois Railroads
(Stereo Feed) * Left = CP / CN * * Right = UP / BNSF *
6 Listeners
Rockford Fire
Rockford Fire Channel 1 - 151.1750 Rockford Suburban Departments -154..1900. NIFERN - MABAS Division 8/18 - 154.2650
4 Listeners
Rockford Fire Department
Fire 1-Rockford Fire Main Operating Channel
0 Listeners
Winnebago and Surrounding County Fire Departments0 Listeners
Winnebago County Fire
Fire 4-Winnebago County Suburban Fire Channel
0 Listeners
Winnebago County Public Safety
Digital Scanner Feed Main Freqs ~ Rockford City Police and Fire, Loves Park Police & Fire, Winnebago County Sheriff, North Park Fire, Harlem Roscoe Fire, etc...
8 Listeners