Feed Status
Mobile Area Coast Guard
16: 156.800 21A: 157.050 22A: 157.100 23A: 157.150 81A: 157.075 82A: 157.125 83A: 157.175
0 Listeners
Mobile Area Marine
Mobile Alabama Marine 1,9,10,11,13,18,63,65,66,67,71,77.
0 Listeners
Mobile County/City and Area Fire
Mobile City Fire-Rescue: Firemain (Priority), Fireground TACs 1-8; County Fire, Semmes FD, Prichard FD, Saraland FD. This is Mobile County 700 MHz P25 TDMA System.
15 Listeners
Mobile Downtown Airport Tower (KBFM)
Mobile Alabama Downtown Airport Tower 118.8 MHz
1 Listeners
N4RGJ 147.01500 MHz Repeater
N4RGJ/R Repeater located CR 84 4 MI W ST HWY 43. Mobile AL.
0 Listeners
Saraland Fire and Rescue Dispatch
The following groups are monitored: SF-MAIN SF-TAC1 SF-TAC2
2 Listeners