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Henry County Public Safety and Public Works
The system feeding this stream is a Raspberry Pi 4 (4GB), using an RTL-SDR v3 SDR dongle with a Nagoya 771 Antenna. RaspberryOS is running on the PI, and is using op25 for the p25 Phase II capture, feeding that to a loopback audio device that darkice capt
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KI4FVI 146.715MHz Repeater
KI4FVI (146.715), W4NOC (927.1375) "NAC293/103.5", KE4UAS (444.875) "DMR cc1, tg2, ts2" KJ4KPY (145.170, 443.225) Henry nets are Monday night at 8:30PM EST, (444.875/145.170 analog)
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