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Hunter Valley FireOffline
Newcastle Public Safety
Streaming Newcastle/central coast and north ASNSW coms, Newcastle and central Coast Fire and Rescue, MRU (Medical Retrieval Unit aka medichoppers) state, RFS lower Hunter, and RMS for Hunter and Freeway, plus other services as events happen TGs you wi
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NSW Ambulance - Newcastle & Outer Hunter
Newcastle (Northern Control) and Outer Hunter, Occasionally 1 State (Sate Operations / MRU) when in area.
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NSW Fire & Rescue, RFS, Ambulance, SES, and Transportation Channels
Central Coast & Newcastle Northern Control channels NSW fire & rescue NSW ambulance new SES channels NSW rural fire services other areas may be heard depending on patching
NSW Fire + Rescue Newcastle and Central Coast
403 RW3 - Riverina, 107 MN1 A - Hunter Coast (Usually patched with 108, 109), 108 MN2 A - Central Coast (Usually patched with 107, 109), 109 MN3 A - Lower Hunter (Usually patched with 107, 108), 303 RS3 - Murray
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NSW SES, Ausgrid, Hunter Water & RMS
Ausgrid Newc Op, Ausgrid Newc Des Dat, Hunter Water HuntWat4, Hunter Water HuntWat5, SES Comms1, SES RT-Tac1, SES RT-Tac2, SES OX-Tac1, RMS D NATO 1, NSW Maritime Syd Region
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Primary Emergency Services - Statewide NSW
This feed is designed to cover all of NSW. The following services are monitored on the latest available hardware providing excellent audio quality: Fire & Rescue, Ambulance, SES, RFS, Council, Rail/Sea, RMS (RTA), Sheriff, Emergency Liaison + much more.
Rural Fire Service Central Coast, Mid Coast, Hunter Valley
Central Coast1 eG026, Mid Coast1 eG025, Mid Coast2 eG033, Hunter Valley eG029, Cumberland eG023 (When Patched via OCC), Warringah eG037(When Patched via OCC), Macarthur eG032(When Patched via OCC)
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Rural Fire Service Lower Hunter & Tac Channels
NSW RFS Lower Hunter eG031, Tac channels 1 - 15 when in use. Radios tagged with Appliance name.
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VK2RFS 2M South East Network Bega NSW0 Listeners