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FEC Bowden Yard
Channel 28 - Yard Jobs, Dispatcher, Trains.  Channel 44 - Trains to FEC Dispatcher. 
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First Coast DMR TG 311213 Listeners
Jacksonville Beach Marine
Marine channels 8, 16, 22, and 78 courtesy of Jacksonville Offshore Sport Fishing Club (JOSFC)
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Jacksonville Fire and Rescue
A2 Dispatch -- A4 Suppression Events -- B1 Major Events 1 -- B5 Major Events 2 -- B9 Major Events 3 -- B13 Major Events 4 --
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KB4ARS 145.3500 MHz Amateur Repeater
KB4ARS repeater 145.350(-), PL 127.3. The repeater is owned and operated by the Beaches Amateur Radio Society and provides local communications for Jacksonville Beach and the surrounding beaches of Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra, Florida.
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SARNET - Florida's State Wide Connected Repeater System
The Statewide Amateur Radio Network (SARnet) is a network of 35 to 40 linked UHF voice repeaters that serves the State of Florida. The key to what makes SARnet work so well is that this network uses dedicated bandwidth that is separate from the internet.
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