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Burlington Area Storm Spotters
Burlington Area Storm Spotters
Burlington City Police
Police- County Sheriff 154.755 Police F2 - 155.070 Fire - County Fire 460.0125 BUFD 2 -460.1125 BUFD Home CH.2 460.2125 Fireground 7, 8, 9, 10 MABAS/IFERN
4 Listeners
Lakeshore Repeater Association 147.27 MHz0 Listeners
Lakeshore Repeater Association KR9RK
This feed is from the 442.000 repeater in Racine, Wisconsin KR9RK
1 Listeners
Mt Pleasant/Caledonia/Sturtevant Police19 Listeners
Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin MABAS
MABAS frequency called IFERN - Interagency Fire Emergency Radio Network. Broadcasts for Mutual Aid Box Alarm System (MABAS) activations for large scale Fire/EMS/Rescue incidents across N. Illinois and S.Wisconsin. 100' antenna near IL/WI border.
3 Listeners
Racine and Kenosha Counties Fire Working IncidentsOffline
Racine County Fire Departments1 Listeners
Racine County Sheriff7 Listeners
Racine, Kenosha, Walworth Counties Fire and Rescue
Racine County (Countywide) - Kenosha County (Countywide) - Walworth County (Countywide) - Wisconsin Interoperability (MABAS & MARC Channels)
6 Listeners
Racine/South Shore Fire Dispatch4 Listeners
Walworth County Sheriff and EMS, Racine County Fire / EMS - West of I-94
City of Burlington FD, and EMS. Walworth County Sheriff,Fire and EMS, Town of Burlington Fire. All fire and EMS west of I-94 in Racine County
9 Listeners