Feed Status
147.505 MHz and 442.500 MHz Shore Point Amateur Radio Club Repeaters (SPARC)0 Listeners
Ansonia and Derby, Police, Fire and EMS7 Listeners
Ansonia, Derby, Seymour and Shelton Police
Ansonia, Derby, Seymour and Shelton Police
12 Listeners
Beacon Falls Fire and EMS Dispatch2 Listeners
Branford Fire
Fire Dispatch and Fireground Channels
3 Listeners
Cheshire Fire1 Listeners
Cheshire Police and Fire Dispatch
Cheshire FD Dispatch and Fireground - Cheshire Police Primary - Trinity Ambulance Dispatch (based in Waterbury) - LifeStar Dispatch - **Please see notes for more information**
1 Listeners
Connecticut State Police, QVEC, Middlesex County Fire/EMS, Valley Shore Fire/EMS
Simultaneous multi-scan of CT State Police, Middlesex County Fire/EMS, Valley Shore Fire/EMS, QVEC, Norwich PD/FD, Groton PD, Ledyard PD, Plainfield PD, Stonington PD/FD, Coventry PD, New Britain FD, DEEP, Statewide DEMHS, and lots more
8 Listeners
Greater New Haven Police1 Listeners
Guilford Fire and EMS1 Listeners
Guilford Police
Guilford Police Dispatch on 453.700
1 Listeners
Hamden Fire
Dispatch: 154.160 and Channel 2: 154.010
3 Listeners
Hartford Area NOAA Weather Radio WXJ41
NOAA Weather Radio For the Greater Hartford / Tolland Counties Broadcast from Soapstone MT. in Somers, CT
1 Listeners
LIFE STAR Air Medical Service
LIFE STAR Hartford Hospital 155.385 PL 82.5 , 461.3875 PL 141.3 , 452.3375 DPL 351
10 Listeners
Long Island Area NOAA Weather Radio
Serving Long Island, NY and the surrounding areas...
1 Listeners
Lower Naugatuck Valley Fire and EMS
Shelton Fire, Derby Fire/Ems, Ansonia Fire /Ems, Seymour Fire/Ems, Oxford Fire/EMS, Bethany Fire/Ems, Orange Fire, Beacon Falls Fire/Ems, and Woodbridge Fire
9 Listeners
Madison Fire and EMS
Town of Madison Fire/EMS Dispatch, MHC Ops 2 and NMVFC Ops 10 (Feed Hosted by North Madison Fire)
1 Listeners
Meriden Fire Dispatch7 Listeners
Middlebury Fire and EMS
This feed no longer supports police only FIRE and EMS. This feed only cover main dispatch and not the FG as they are simplex.
2 Listeners
Milford Fire Department
Scans CH1, 2 & 3
8 Listeners
Naugatuck Fire Dispatch1 Listeners
New Haven Area Railroad Radio 0 Listeners
New Haven Fire - Channels 1-44 Listeners
New Haven Police
Police Channels 2 & 3 Thank you for the problem reports but it is New Haven PDs poor radio system not the feed sorry
4 Listeners
North Branford Fire0 Listeners
North Branford Fire Department0 Listeners
North Haven FireOffline
Seymour Fire
Scans Dispatch, Operations, FG3 & FG4
0 Listeners
South Central Region Area Fire and EMS
Shelton FD/EMS, Ansonia, Beacon Falls, Bethany, Derby, Milford, Orange, Oxford, Seymour, Woodbridge
3 Listeners
South Central Region Area Police
CT State Police: Troops A, G, I, H, L, F, DEEP - Fairfield Cnty Depts: Shelton, Trumbull, Fairfield Cnty Hotline - **New Haven Cnty Depts: Ansonia, Derby, Orange, Seymour, Woodbridge, New Haven Cnty Hotline
4 Listeners
Southbury Fire Dispatch
Southbury FD Ch 1 153.7295
2 Listeners
State Fire/DEEP Forestry & Spill
State of CT Trunk System Talkgroups for state fire coordination and DEEP
0 Listeners
Wallingford Fire10 Listeners
West Haven Fire Dispatch
West Haven City Fire, West Haven Fire District, West Shore Fire District
3 Listeners
Wolcott Ambulance0 Listeners
Wolcott Fire1 Listeners