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City of Madison Fire
Official feed from the City of Madison Fire Dept., Madison WI.
14 Listeners
Dane County Fire - Dispatch and Smaller Incidents
Paging and DaneCom trunked talkgroups that are used for smaller incidents. See the feed information page for the talkgroup list. For the fireground channels, listen to the "Dane County Fire - Major Incidents" feed.
18 Listeners
Dane County Fire - Major Incidents
These are fireground channels used for structure fires and other IDLH incidents. They are also used if there are too many incidents for the DaneCom trunked talkgroups to handle. Sun Prairie and Monona FDs also use them for routine incidents.
1 Listeners
Dane County Fire and EMS
Dane County conventional Fire and EMS channels as well as ATC from KMSN.
3 Listeners
Dane County Fire, Sun Prairie Police and Fire
Dane County Fire and EMS channels, including DaneCom and Paging. Includes Sun Prairie Police, Sun Prairie Fire, and Madison Fire channels. Occasionally will broadcast Madison Police and Dane County Sheriff traffic.
11 Listeners
Dane County Public Safety
Madison PD, Fire & EMS; Capitol PD; UW PD & EMS; Dane County Sheriff, Fire & EMS; UW Medflight Dispatch; Iowa County Police, Fire & EMS; WSP DeForest (S/W) dispatch; Green County Sheriff, Fire & EMS
41 Listeners
Madison and University of Wisconsin Campus Police
Covers UW-Madison Police and Downtown Madison Police (MPD 1 Dispatch). Specifically covers all police activity on UW-campus and surrounding downtown areas including State street and capitol. Hosted by LLC.
Middleton Police
Official feed from the City of Middleton WI Police Department - Main Police Repeater Frequency 151.055 MHz
7 Listeners
MidWest Amateur Severe Storm Tracking Response Center
Weather spotters for the Dane, Rock, Iowa counties in WI.