Feed Status
Dixie Amateur Radio Club (DARC) Linked Repeater System1 Listeners
Harmony Valley Fire District0 Listeners
Hildale and Colorado City Police, Fire / EMS2 Listeners
St. George Police, SAR, Traffic and Special Events
Official Trunked-Radio for SGU & WASHINGTON COUNTY, Utah (Dispatch County-wide Police, EMS, & Fire Agencies; Sheriff, UHP, Sp.Ops, AirMed/Heli, Unit-to-Unit, SAR(Search/Rescue), Air traffic, SGU Airport, & Live Events.
15 Listeners
Washington County Public Safety
BLM, Forest Svc, UHP, Washington Co. Control, Mohave Co. Sheriff, St George PD & FD, Hurricane PD & FD, Washington PD, Beaver Dam Littlefield FD
2 Listeners
Washington County Sheriff, Fire and EMS - East4 Listeners