Feed Status
La Vergne Fire2 Listeners
Murfreesboro Fire
Murfreesboro Fire Dispatch and OPS - P25 Phase2
1 Listeners
Murfreesboro Police Dispatch
Murfreesboro Tennessee Police Dispatch
Rutherford County Fire and EMS Dispatch
Primary dispatch for RCFR & EMS - P25 Phase2
5 Listeners
Rutherford County Fire and Rescue Ops
RCFR OPs/ TAC channels - P25 Phase2
1 Listeners
Smyrna Fire
Smyrna Fire Dispatch and OPS - P25 Phase1
0 Listeners
Smyrna Fire Dispatch1 Listeners
Smyrna Public Safety
Smyrna Public Safety (T.A.C.N. P25) Digital trunking scanner, with dedicated server for feed. SPD / SFD Dispatch & Non-Tac Talkgroups.
7 Listeners