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Aurora Airport (KUAO)
This feed covers the Aurora airport Tower/CTAF and Ground frequencies. Tower/CTAF is 120.35 and is RIGHT audio. Ground is 119.15 and is LEFT audio.
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Linn County Sheriff, Fire, and EMS, Southern Marion County Fire and EMS
Linn Co. Fire: Albany, Sweet Home, Lebanon, Harrisburg, Tangent, Brownsville, Halsey-Shed, Scio. -- So. Marion Co. Fire: Stayton, Turner, Lyons, Sublimity, Aumsville, Detroit.
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Marion County Fire South 1-4
South 1: 154.4150MHz, South 2: 154.0100MHz, South 3: 154.2500MHz , South 4: 154.295MHz Coverage Portables: Lyons, Mill City, Stayton, Sublimity, Aumsville Coverage Mobiles: Lyons, Mill City, Gates, Stayton, Sublimity, Aumsville, Turner, and Jefferson
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Marion County METCOM North-1 Fire
METCOM Fire Dispatch and ops for Silverton, Mount Angel, Drakes Crossing, Monitor, woodburn, Hubbard, St Paul and Aurora, Fire Districts. Scans N1(P), N6 & N7.
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Marion County Sheriff Dispatch
Marion County Sheriff dispatch. Marion County, Oregon. Scans between the primary dispatch channel (154.74 CH 1) and the backup channel (154.89 CH 3). Kenwood TK-760HG-1 for the receiver.
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Salem Fire
City of Salem Fire Department in Salem, Oregon. SMF Dispatch TalkGroup on the City of Salem P25 trunking system. SMF Ops 3 TalkGroup on the City of Salem P25 trunking system.
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Salem Police Dispatch
City of Salem Police Department in Salem, Oregon. SMP Dispatch 1 TalkGroup on the City of Salem P25 trunking system. This encrypted talkgroup is rebroadcast with a 15 minute delay.
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W7PRA Peak Radio Association0 Listeners
WA7ABU 145.1900 MHz Repeater
Covering the majority of Marion County, Oregon. This is a county sponsored repeater reaching many surrounding counties, a broad coverage Emergency Services system.
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WA7ABU 145.2900 MHz Repeater
The 145.290 Mhz repeater located in the Silverton hills serving the mid to north Willamette valley. Nets at 10am, noon, and 11pm every weekday. This repeater is very popular and quite busy throughout the day. This is the WA7ABU repeater on 145.290 Mhz.
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Willamette Valley Communications Center (WVCC) Central (MCFD1, Keizer, Polk County) - Fire/EMSOffline