Feed Status
Grants Pass Fire and Rescue Dispatch
City Fire/Rescue (Department of Public Safety), Grants Pass, OR. KOD282 broadcasting analog NFM on 154.3850.
1 Listeners
Grants Pass Police Dispatch
City Police (Department of Public Safety), Grants Pass, OR. KUS543 broadcasting conventional P25 on 155.0100.
9 Listeners
Illinois Valley Fire Protection District0 Listeners
Josephine County Sheriff Dispatch
Josephine County Sheriff's Office, Josephine County, OR. WDD510 broadcasting analog NFM on 154.8300.
2 Listeners
KJ7VZY Amateur Radio Allstar Node
I frequently connect to East Coast Reflector Hub #2 (45192) - - The Winsystem Allstar Hub (2560) and others to be announced. HUBNet (41522) Manchester, UK - Allstar Info
0 Listeners
Oregon Department of Forestry
SWO ODF Wildland Fire Feed. Primary dispatch and Tac channels. Balance setting R=ODF L=EMS
0 Listeners
Oregon State Police Dispatch
Oregon State Police, Grants Pass, OR Worksite (Station 35). WQEV766 broadcasting analog NFM on 154.7850.
1 Listeners
Rural/Metro Fire Dispatch
Rural/Metro Fire, Josephine County, OR. WPLQ594 broadcasting analog NFM on 154.1750.
1 Listeners
W7PRA Peak Radio Association0 Listeners
Williams RFPD0 Listeners