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Douglas Forest Protective Association (DFPA)
- - THE ROSEBURG RECEIVER - - Dedicated Feed for the DFPA in the Roseburg, Oregon area
0 Listeners
Gardiner Rural Fire1 Listeners
Oregon State Police and DOT, Douglas County Sheriff, Fire / SAR
Douglas County Sheriff, Douglas County Fire, Douglas County Search & Rescue, Oregon State Police, Oregon Department of Transportation and Department of Forestry!
22 Listeners
Roseburg Public Safety
- - THE ROSEBURG RECEIVER - - Roseburg Emergency and Public Safety Communications. Clear Audio. Douglas County Sheriff, Oregon State Police, Fire Dispatch, EMS, DFPA, ODOT, Search and Rescue.
84 Listeners
South-Western Oregon Repeater Association (SWORA)
- - THE ROSEBURG RECEIVER - - South-Western Oregon Repeater Association (SWORA) at Lane Mountain
0 Listeners
W7PRA Peak Radio Association2 Listeners