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Amtrak Rail - Schenectady 0 Listeners
Hurricane Watch Net - 14.3250 MHz and 7.2680 MHzOffline
K2AE Club Repeater 147.060 MHz
Note: This feed has a minimum 2 minute delay. K2AE Club Repeater 147.060 MHz This is the 2 meter repeater for the Schenectady amature radio association.
0 Listeners
N2ACF Repeater System
Covering most of eastern New York State from Long Island up to Lake George, as well as portions of northern New Jersey and northeast Pennsylvania.
1 Listeners
New York State Thruway Authority - Albany Division
NYSTA Zone-2 I-90 Exit 19 (Kingston) to Exit 29 (Canajoharie), Berkshire Connector (I-90)
3 Listeners
Pan American Rail
Pan Am Railways (PAR) - Rotterdam junction sub. Equipment is a pair of icom ic-f320s radios connected with the following freq's in Scoita, NY Near Saratoga Road. #Left channel 161.16 - Dispatch 161.52 - Train #Right 161.40 yard
0 Listeners
Schenectady City Fire Dispatch6 Listeners
Schenectady County and City Fire and EMS (Digital)
Includes all County Fire/EMS and City Fire P25
8 Listeners
Schenectady County Fire and EMS (Digital)
Streaming all County Fire and EMS Talkgroups on the P25 system
2 Listeners
Schenectady County Fire/EMS
Due to encryption in the new radio system: This feed is now a Fire/ EMS channel ....Updates to follow..
5 Listeners
Stanford Heights Fire1 Listeners