Feed Status
Cornwall Ambulance0 Listeners
CSX River Sub - Newburgh Area0 Listeners
Hurricane Watch Net - 14.3250 MHz and 7.2680 MHzOffline
KC2OUR Orange County New York ARES/RACES Network
4 Listeners
Middletown Fire6 Listeners
Monroe Fire Department
Monroe Joint Fire District (Department 28) Operations Channel
0 Listeners
N2ACF Repeater System
Covering most of eastern New York State from Long Island up to Lake George, as well as portions of northern New Jersey and northeast Pennsylvania.
0 Listeners
New Windsor Ambulance0 Listeners
Newburgh Fire
Response and Fireground channels
4 Listeners
NJ-TRBO Tri-State 31360 DMR1 Listeners
Orange County EMS2 Listeners
Orange County Fire3 Listeners
Tuxedo Fire0 Listeners
Westbrookville Fire1 Listeners
Woodbury Fire Ops
Providing access to the primary response channel for the Woodbury Fire Department in Orange County, NY. Dept. 51 in Battalion 5.