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Hurricane Watch Net - 14.3250 MHz and 7.2680 MHzOffline
Livingston County Fire and EMS Dispatch3 Listeners
Livingston County Sheriff, Police, Fire, EMS, and Air-Air
Scanning all emergency services in Livingston County, NY
37 Listeners
NJ-TRBO Tri-State 31360 DMR0 Listeners
Southern Tier Railroads
Norfolk Southern, Rochester & Southern, Western NY & PA
0 Listeners
Western Finger Lakes Region Fire VHF Paging
Counties: Livingston, Monroe, Wayne, Wyoming
1 Listeners
WR2AHL 145.1100 MHz Repeater
Established in the 1990’s at it’s current site on Worden Hill atop Bristol Mountain. The repeater antenna is the highest in this area @ 2325 Ft. ASL. This site overlooks Monroe, Ontario, Wayne, Livingston, Yates and surrounding Western NY counties.
0 Listeners