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Clayton Area Marine
Seaway Clayton, Sodus and Iroquois VTS Operations
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Hurricane Watch Net - 14.3250 MHz and 7.2680 MHzOffline
Jefferson County Fire/EMS
Broadcasting Fire/EMS Dispatch as well as all TAC talk groups (channels) in the county. This includes Watertown City Fire and Guilfoyle Ambulance.
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Jefferson County Fire/EMS Dispatch Paging
Jefferson County Fire and EMS Fire/EMS VHF Paging Main channel 155.1450. RadioShack PRO-405 analog scanner.
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Jefferson County Police, Fire and EMS
Scanning Jefferson County Fire/EMS, Sheriff, NYSP Troop D, Guilfoyle EMS, City Fire & Police. Please see Additional Details for frequency and channel info.
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Syracuse Area NOAA Weather Radio WXL31
NOAA Weather for the Syracuse and Central New York region. If you hear static or dead-air, the NOAA weather radio transmitter site may be off-the-air.
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