Feed Status
Alameda County Fire
(((Stereo Feed))) Left = Fire Dispatch | Right = Tactical channels. Covers all Fire Agencies in the Alameda County Regional Communications Center including Alameda County, Alameda City, Livermore/Pleasanton, Camp Parks and Fremont Fire.
45 Listeners
Alameda County Sheriff2 Listeners
BART - Bay Area Rapid Transit District
Includes BART Train and Yard operations, BART Police and Fire *** Covers the counties of San Mateo, San Francisco, Alameda, and Contra Costa.
4 Listeners
Bay Area Various Public Safety
Broadcasting Live 24/7 a variety of Public Safety Agency's from county's located in the Bay Area.
13 Listeners
Berkeley Police and Fire
This feed is part of the East Bay Regional Communications System (EBRCS): Berkeley Police & Fire channels are streamed. See notes for the channel lineup and ID tones identifying the transmitting agency.
10 Listeners
California Fire Special 1
Special Events Feed: Will be activated only during large special events such as wildland incidents around the state.
California Highway Patrol - Alameda County
Broadcasting the Castro Valley (143), Dublin (118) and Hayward (25) CHP Area Offices of southern Alameda County only.
4 Listeners
California Highway Patrol - Oakland
CHP Bronze - Oakland (96) and CHP Blue
2 Listeners
California Highway Patrol SFBA - Golden Gate Division
Includes SF Bay Area and statewide frequencies. Feed updated with the new 700MHz frequencies. *** Covers the counties of San Mateo, Marin, San Francisco, Santa Clara, Alameda, and Contra Costa *** (Radio located in San Mateo Co).
20 Listeners
Calnet Repeater System
The Calnet Repeater Group is a multi linked amateur radio Repeater System covering most of California and parts of Nevada. The system consists of numerous fulltime RF linked 440 MHz repeaters connecting San Diego to San Francisco and Lake Tahoe.
2 Listeners
Contra Costa County NOAA Weather Radio WNG655
Contra Costa County NOAA Weather Radio station WNG655 broadcasting on 162.425 MHz. Provides weather information for East Bay counties, alerts for Contra Costa, Alameda, and Santa Clara counties.
0 Listeners
East Bay Regional Parks Fire Dispatch1 Listeners
Fremont Police Dispatch7 Listeners
Hayward Fire4 Listeners
Hayward Police Dispatch5 Listeners
Livermore and Pleasanton Police / Fire
ALCO Fire Dispatch 2 (Dispatch for Livermore-Pleasanton Fire, also dispatches other Alameda County fire agencies) - LP Fire units: Companies 90-99; Bat 9; Chief 90 & 91. ASCO - Dublin PD Disp. Pleasanton PD and Livermore PD have gone encrypted and ar
4 Listeners
Monterey Area Marine NOAA Weather Radio WWF642 Listeners
Monterey Area NOAA Weather Radio KEC490 Listeners
Northern California Major Incident
Waiting for Snow Melt Floods - Coming soon
Oakland Fire
Includes Dispatch and Ops
10 Listeners
San Leandro Police Dispatch PD1
EBRCS SLPD Dispatch Channel 1 (talkgroup 3555) running on a Raspberry Pi with an RTL-SDR and 4 hours of battery backup.
12 Listeners
UC Berkeley Police
This feed is part of the East Bay Regional Communications System (EBRCS): The University of California Berkeley Police channels are streamed on this feed. See notes for the channel lineup and ID tones identifying the transmitting agency.
1 Listeners
WB6NDJ 146.8800 MHz ORCA Repeater
The WB6NDJ 2m repeater is maintained by the Oakland Radio Communications Association (ORCA) for ARES/RACES, EmComm and other use amateur uses. Output is at 146.88 MHz.
0 Listeners
WIN System Amateur Repeater Network
The WIN System is a network of over 70 Amateur Radio repeaters covering a large part of California as well as regions in Canada and 11 other States. Due to the size this system. Please DO NOT use this streaming audio service for performing a radio chec
4 Listeners