Feed Status
Amherst Fire0 Listeners
Belchertown Police and Fire Dispatch0 Listeners
Easthampton, Northampton, and Southampton Police and Easthampton Fire & EMSOffline
Granby Fire0 Listeners
Hadley Fire1 Listeners
Hampshire County Fire and EMS2 Listeners
Hartford Area NOAA Weather Radio WXJ41
NOAA Weather Radio For the Greater Hartford / Tolland Counties Broadcast from Soapstone MT. in Somers, CT
1 Listeners
MA State Police - Metro Boston Area
Scanning Dispatch Talkgroups for Troops A and H, and Statewide. Geographically covering from the 495 belt area, into the heart of Boston. No local PD or Fire. May hold on a channel for an event.
46 Listeners
Massachusetts State Police Dispatch - Troop B
Massachusetts State Police Troop B patrol dispatch. Troop B covers the western Massachusetts area including Franklin, Hampshire, Hampden, and Berkshire counties.
8 Listeners
Northampton Fire
This feed covers the following departments: Northampton Fire Department
5 Listeners
Pioneer Valley Fire Departments1 Listeners
South Hadley Fire0 Listeners
South Hadley Fire District 10 Listeners
TAC9 Public Safety Notification System
The TAC9 Radio System is a public safety notification network operating in the New England and New York area, with nationwide expansion in future plans. The system is a closed Zello channel.
3 Listeners
Ware Public Safety4 Listeners
Westhampton Fire0 Listeners