Feed Status
AllStar Node 502811 Listeners
OOB Police and Fire
OOB Police 155.010 OOB Fire 154.250
Saco Fire and EMS0 Listeners
Sanford Fire0 Listeners
Sanford Police
Sanford Police Department Primary/Dispatch channel audio
1 Listeners
South Berwick Police, Fire, and York Ambulance
Includes Berwick, Dover/Rollinsford, and Somersworth Fire
3 Listeners
Southwest York County Police, Fire and EMS0 Listeners
State Police South, York County Sheriff & Alfred / Waterboro Fire Rescue4 Listeners
Waterboro and Alfred Fire/EMS
Primary Dispatch and Operations channel for Waterboro and Alfred Fire/EMS Freq 466.5875
0 Listeners
Wells Fire0 Listeners
Wells Fire and EMS1 Listeners
York County Fire and Lebanon LG
York County Fire 1-8, Sanford Primary, Sanford Operations, Lebanon Local Government, Alfred/Waterboro Primary, York County EMA
2 Listeners
York Maine Fire Departments
York Fire Primary, York Fire Fireground, York Fire Village TAC, York Fire Apparatus, York Fire Beach TAC, Kittery Fire, Elliot Fire
0 Listeners