Aberdeen Police and Fire, State Highway Patrol
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Aberdeen Police, SD State Highway Patrol, Fire, Rescue, DCI, and more. 10:00 am daily weather briefing. ABR ADS-B RADAR is now avail, NOAA Weather radio still avail.. click link above for more info

Aberdeen Police and Fire -  State Radio

  • New improved audio source .
  • Alpha Tagging  - Displays the agency, talkgroup and frequency of the current  traffic
  • Supports SAME weather alerts with audible tone followed by information from local agencies.
  • LISTEN LIVE...all activity in the Aberdeen and surrounding communities.
  • Listen for Saftey Alerts and Warnings for the local area!
  • Live stream N.O.A.A Weather radio WXM25 Aberdeen SD,  162.475


Aberdeen Police and Fire, State Highway Patrol


Aberdeen Police and Fire:

  For agency ID's in media player you may need to use Winamp, Itunes, or Java web player.

Winamp player is all ready configured to display alpha tagging.  If you do not have Winamp you can download here.

Winamp Download   (an updated link will be avail soon)

Winamp requires the .m3u file format for alpha tags.

All other media players will play the audio feed but may not support alpha tagging.

Mobile users, Scanner Radio Deluxe is what is recommended, your one stop shop for Abereen Audio Feeds..

All transmissions that are recieved are  delayed by thirty seconds or less in real time, depending on your device.


N.O.A.A weather Radio: 

For local weather information click here Current Weather and Forcast.  

Click here to listen to: 162.475  WXM25  in Winamp this requires the .m3u file for alpha tags. WXM-25  Audio/no player required

ABR RADAR ADS-B : (aviation)

   Desktop http://abrradar.live

You can view a map of the Aberdeen area  that plots out Civilian and Military aircraft, fully equiped with live audio and a backend database for flight data.    Air/Ground communitations now included when veiwing map.


10-CODES Used by most agencies in remote area.  Some codes may have mutiple meanings.

CODE:  MESSAGE                                      

10-1    Receiving poorly                                            
10-2    Receiving well                                                 
10-3    E.T.A. Landline Residence                                
10-4    Acknowledge transmission sent                       
10-5    Relay,/J1-Personnel/J2-Property                      
10-6    Busy Stand by                                                 
10-7    Out of Service                                               
10-8    IN Service                                                        
10-9    Repeat                                                           
10-10    Out of Service Subject to Call                             
10-12F  Female Visitor or Official Present                    
10-12M Male Visitor or
Official Present                      
10-13    Weather and Road Conditions                        
10-14    Convoy or Escort                                          
10-15F  Female Prisoner In Custody                      
10-15M Male Prisoner In Custody                           
10-16    NCIC Check                                                  
10-16H Hit on NCIC                                                                                                 
10-19    Return to station                                           
10-20    What is your present location                      
10-21   Contact this station by phone                        
10-22   Take no Further Action Last Information        
10-23    Status Check                                                
10-24    Make Personnel Contact Time Place              
10-25    Do You Have Contact With                            
10-28   Check Full registration
10-29   Wanted check- person, vehicle, or property
10-29H Local Wants Warrant Hit
10-29W Wanted Check Only
10-30   Does Not Conform To Rules and Regulations
10-31   Send Wrecker To
10-32   Send Ambulance To
10-33   Emergency Traffic This Station, All Units Stand By
10-34   Clear To Copy
10-35   Confidential Information
10-36   Correct Time
10-37   Who Is The Operator On Duty
10-39   Your Message Delivered
10-40   Clear For Local Dispatch
10-41   Permission Granted For 10-40
10-42   Officer Now At His/Her Residence
10-44   Stopping (Descrip. & Lic. Of Vehicle)
10-45   Patrol With 2 Officers
10-50   Use Caution
10-50M Medical Problems
10-53   Request Backup Non-Emergency
10-54   Requesting Backup Emergency
10-58   Check for Drivers License and Record
10-59   Drivers License Status Only
10-60   Next Case Number
10-70   Is There Traffic For This Unit Or Station
10-71   Send Coroner
10-78   For Your Information, Information Item
10-78P Protection Order
10-78S Sex Offender
10-80   Any Narcotics Information
10-82   Request Room Reservations, ETA
10-88   What Number Shall I Call to Make Station To Station Contact With
10-89   Unit Is Off The Air Needs Service
10-90   Civil Disturbance
10-97   Arrived At The Scene
10-98   Assignment Completed
10-99   Emergency, All Units & Station Copy

Signals Law Enforcement Use, Restricted Information

1  Accident At…Personal Injury
2  Accident At…Property Damage Only
6  Drowning At…
7  Drunk At…
8  Drunk Driver
11 Fire At…
15 Murder At…
16 Death At…Unknown Cause
20 Suicide At…
27 Sexual Assault At…
29 Bomb Threat At…
30 Bomb Threat w/Device Found At…

The Department will also use the following authorized codes and numbers: Code Message

Code 4 Officer OK – no further assistance needed


Software Defined Radio... 

South Dakota State Radio System is a P25 Digital radio service for the state of South Dakota. This unit is setup using 2 SDR dongles, Unitrunker/DSD decoder along with Virtual Audio cable and Virtual Serial Cable..   below is a  few screen shots..


SDR # Signal/Discriminator   SDR# Control/Reciever/Decoder


Reporting Problems: There may be times were the feed may have issues and it is greatly appreciated when problems are reported however please ensure you are reporting problems for the correct audio feed and be sure to check your device, browser, and configuration prior to reporting. Most of the problems reported have resulted in user error for instance, (windows updates may have updated your browser and changed default player settings, or java add on has been disabled). Problems do surface on ocasion. If you need any assistance with your configuration send me a PM via Radio Reference. Thanks