Jackson County Police, Fire, and EMS
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Includes altus pd, OHP, and all other law enforcement in county.

Altus PD, JCSO, Altus Fire, County Fire, EOC, EMS

Altus PD 155.700
Jackson CO S.O. 154.740
Altus fire 154.445
Altus Emergency management 155.055
County fire 155.820 & 154.15250
Ems 155.265
State fire 154.130

OHP Troop M 45.18 & 45.22 & 462.275 467.27500 452.7250

OHP Troop M is on the state wide 800mhz system. However there is no towers this far west in the state yet, so 800 Mhz coverage is poor around altus and areas west. (I cant receve it at all with a roof mounted anntenna in altus so its not on this stream).