North Manchester Police, Fire, and EMS

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Wabash County Sheriff, EMA, NMPD (XNDN), ISP PERU, EMA-1 and Wabash County Fire.

Most agencies are now using the SAFE-T Statewide 800 Trunked System.  Monitoring the following:

Wabash County EMA, Sheriff, N Manchester PD (800 Dispatch Only), ISP Peru, Wabash County Fire, N. Manchester, Chester and Plesent Fire Tac.

Wabash County, EMA, N Manchester PD are on 800.  Wabash County Fire Agencies are still on VHF as is Wabash Police and N Manchester Police.  Manchester University Security is also on VHF.  All VHF, except Fire are using NXDN so we will not her them until I get an NXDN scanner, hopefully on a few weeks.

800 Just updated to p25 Phase 1 on April 29, 2017.  COntrol Channels and Talk Groups all changed.