Richland County Skywarn Net
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((STEREO FEED)) RIGHT SIDE : All Mansfield DMR Repeater Talkgroups LEFT SIDE : All Mansfield Analog Repeaters and Skywarn Backbone

This is a STEREO FEED and monitors the 52.680 Backbone frequency from the Cleveland NWS (right speaker) as well as the Intercity Amateur Radio Club's repeaters (left speaker) (146.940 / 147.360 / 444.700 / 443.225) located in Mansfield & Ontario, Ohio during severe weather watches and warnings as indicated by the National Weather Service. Also monitors a simplex linking system that links all off Richland county together called the DDT EchoIRLP Network. These simplex frequencies include 147.500 / 146.500 / 145.500 / 146.440 . This is a very active link during bad weather events in Richland County.