Douglas County Fire Dispatch
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Fire Dispatch Authorities: Douglas County United Fire Dispatch Authority (UFDA) and Elbert County Communication Authority (ECCA).

Fire Dispatch for portions of Douglas and Elbert County, Colorado (151.1150).

Douglas County Regional Dispatch Services

The following fire agencies are united under their respective authorities, dispatched by the Douglas Regional 911 Communication’s Center, proudly and efficiently serving the citizens of their communities. The below fire agencies represent their Fire Dispatch Authorities: United Fire Dispatch Authority (UFDA) and the Elbert County Communication Authority (ECCA):

  • Agate Fire Department (ECCA)
  • Castle Rock Fire and Rescue Department (UFDA)
  • Elbert Fire and Rescue (ECCA)
  • Elizabeth Fire Department (ECCA)
  • Franktown Fire Protection District (UFDA)
  • Jackson 105 Fire Protection District (UFDA)
  • Kiowa Fire Protection District (ECCA)
  • Larkspur Fire Protection District (UFDA)
  • North Central Fire Department (ECCA)
  • Rattlesnake Fire and Rescue (ECCA)
  • Simla/Big Sandy Fire Protection District (ECCA)

Dispatch notifications are available for the UFDA agencies via PulsePoint. The PulsePoint apps provide notifications when someone nearby is having a cardiac emergency and may be in need of CPR. PulsePoint also links to this feed.