Polk County Sheriff, Police, and Fire
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Mena and Polk County, Arkansas Police, Fire, Sheriff and State Forestry frequencies included in this stream and Polk County AWIN, courtesy of KAWX Community Radio 93.1 / 94.9. For local weather information, visit kawx.org or call 479-394-5600.

Mena, Arkansas Police & Polk County, Arkansas Sheriff's Department 155.790 (In the event the 155.790 repeater is down the back up is 155.550)

The common dispatch for Mena and Polk County Sheriff also handles radio traffic for Grannis, AR Police,Ambulance, and Arkansas State Police & Highway Police.

Stream aslo includes Arkanas Forestry Commission. 

If you have a problem listening and need help, have questions or comments, please email Chris Daniel at mena.polk@gmail.com or call 479-234-5428.

If you need weather for the Mena-Polk County area, visit kawx.org or call 479-394-5600. 

Please listen responsibly and stay clear of emergencies for your own safety and the safety of law enforcement and emergency personell. 

Need tower space for broadcast radio ot TV, amateur, 2-way, wireless internet, public safety etc? Call me at 479-234-5428. 

Need help with an FM translator, LP FM or other radio station need? Call me at 479-234-5428.

If you would like to have a fully automated Time & Temperature phone line and or weather web site, contact me for details. Here are some to check out. Mena, AR Time-Temp-Weather line number is 479-394-5600. Mena, AR weather web site is www.mena-polk.com. 

Frequencies On This Feed (Receivers and Antennas Located In Mena, AR)

155.790 Polk County Sheriff/Mena Police Tall Peak Repeater

155.550 Polk County Sheriff/Mena Police Rich Mountain Repeater  

122.800 Mena Airport UNICOM (The Unicom frequency is only activiated when there is some event going on, like a search for a down plane)

151.220 Arkansas Forestry Commission

151.1975 Arkansas Forestry Commission Aircraft

155.280 Mena Fire Department

154.160 Mena Fire Department Talk Around

155.835 Polk County Rural Fire Departments

Polk County AWIN