Bracken County Police, Fire, and EMS
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Feed Provided by Bracken County EMS Administrative Offices

Receive Frequency is 155.085. This is the main county frequency that "Dispatch" Bracken County 911 operates on. There is one main repeater and 4 remote repeaters that cover the county all with the same receive frequiencies.

Agencies include:

Bracken County 911

Augusta Fire Department (300 Units)

Bracken County Ambulance Service (200  and 20 Units)

Bracken County Sheriff's Office (60 Units)

Brooksville Police Department (38 - Chief)

Brooksville Fire Department (100 Units)

Germantown Fire Department (800 units)

Bracken County Emergency Management,

Bracken County Jailer Transport (80 Units)

Bracken County Animal Control (257)

Augusta Police Dept. (40 units).

The Feed  also includes Robertson County Sheriff and Mount Olivet Fire Department which are dispatched by the Kentucky State Police Post 6 in Dry Ridge