Monroe Area Fire Agencies
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(((Stereo Feed))) Left = Fire Departments from Trumbull, Shelton, Ox *** Right = Fire Dispatch. Monroe Fire Departments, that include: Stepney (1##), Monroe (2##), & Stevenson (3##) Fire Dispatch as well as Fire Ground 2,3,4,& 5.

Monroe Public Service channels as well as local area Fire of Trumbull, Newtown, Oxford, Shelton & Bridgeport

This feed includes:

Monroe Fire Departments (Stepney Monroe & Stevenson) 460.28750Mhz

Monroe Fire Ground 2 453.67500Mhz

Monroe Fire Ground 3 453.76750Mhz

Monroe Fire Ground 4 458.56250Mhz

Monroe Fire Ground 5 453.35000Mhz

Trumbull Fire Departments

Newtown Fire Departments

Shelton Fire Departments

Oxford Fire Department

Bridgeport Fire Department


Monroe EMS is also on the Monroe Fire Dispatch and this is the norm for most towns in our area. The towns listed in the feeds may become part of a regional dispatch center within the next 2 years.

The Town of Monroe Connecticut has 3 fire districts, “Stepney” “Monroe” & “Stevenson” we share the Town of Monroe Fire Channels, we also work mutual aid to surrounding Towns / Cities like Trumbull, Oxford, Shelton, Newtown & Bridgeport and most of them are divided up into multiple individual departments all sharing their towns Fire radio system