Contra Costa County Fire - East and Central

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~ Stereo Feed ~ LEFT Side = East Contra Costa County Fire dispatch *** RIGHT Side = Central Contra Costa County Fire dispatch and CAL FIRE during peak seasons

Contra Costa County (East), California


Thank you to Broadcastify for providing this site. 

Contra Costa County at the north western tip is only 10 miles east of San Francisco, CA and at the south eastern tip 45 miles east of San Francisco. The scanner you are listening to is in East County and approximately 40 miles east of San Francisco.

I am mostly interested in Fire traffic so the left channel is dedicated to the four main dispatch channels in the County while the right channel is scanning the fire tactical channels and East County Police.

The channels are scanning as follows:

Left Channel Right Channel
Con Fire East Con Fire Central
  CalFire SCU, Morgan Hill
  CDF Local Tacs*
  San Ramon Valley Fire (south)
  San Ramon Valley Fire Ch. 22
  ConTac A *
  ConTac B *
  ConTac C *
  ConTac D *
  VFire 21 *
  VFire 22 *
  VFire 23 *


* Reception on these channels will be weak unless the incident in near my home

Con Fire East is made up of Battalion 5 (units 51 thru 59 and 93 thru 95) and Battalion 8 (units 81 thru 88)

Con Fire Central is made up of Battalion 1 and 2 (units 1 thru 22)

Con Fire West is made up of Battalion 4 (units 41 thru 45) and Battalion 7 (units 69 thru 79)

San Ramon Valley Fire is made up of Battalion 31 (units 30 thru 39)

Antioch Police and Brentwood Police are now on an encrypted channel.

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