Humboldt County Law, Fire and EMS - Eureka and South
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Eureka, Eel River Valley and Southern Humboldt area - includes Police, Fire, EMS, Coast Guard and Airport traffic for central and southern Humboldt County. See feed notes for agency list and technical information.

Law Enforcement agencies include the Arcata, Eureka, Fortuna, Ferndale and Rio Dell City Police, the Humboldt County Sheriff's Department, California Fish and Game, California Department of Forestry and the Humboldt Area California Highway Patrol.

Fire and EMS frequencies monitor local CalFire, California Department of Forestry; Arcata, Eureka, Fortuna, Ferndale and Rio Dell Fire, Scotia, Hydesville and Carlotta Fire and many more rural volunteer departments in the southern part of the county. City Ambulance and Garberville Ambulance are also monitored.

Coast Guard distress and hailing frequencies are monitored. The Pacific Ocean is visible from this location and is at a distance of seven miles.

Local airport frequencies are monitored, including the Rohnerville, Arcata and Murray Field frequencies. Airport webcams are available here.

This provider has made available local weather data and webcam images for well over a decade and has been providing an Internet scanner feed since 2004. It is situated near the Rohnerville Airport in Fortuna, at 200 feet of elevation. This location provides line of sight to all of Fortuna and to most of the Eel River delta. The scanner radio is a GRS PSR600 and the antenna is a vertical VHF collinear about ten feet long, mounted at the top of a short mast. It has excellent reception of all North Coast mountaintop repeaters. The feed is provided via a Barix Instreamer.

Local transmissions are not trunked.

Technical information and frequency list.