Deerfield, Northbrook and Glenview Police

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Includes: Deerfield & Highland Park Police Dispatch (frequency includes links to some adjacent PDs); Northbrook PD; Glenview PD; 155.85 Dfld PD. Feed periodically includes Dfld-Bannockburn Fire 159.66 (RED East Dispatch).

Includes the following:

  • 155.73  Deerfield Police Dispatch (dispatched by Highland Park)
    + {Link to} Input of Highland Park PD, + {Link to} Input of Lake Forest PD, + Lake Bluff PD
  • 155.85  Deerfield PD
  • 159.66 Deerfield-Bannockburn Fire dispatch via Regional Emergency Dispatch East (available periodically)
  • 470.6125 Northbrook PD
  • 470.7625 Glenview PD (freq changed?)


  • Scanner: Bearcat 101 (yes, an antique)
  • PC: Old laptop/Windows/Oddcast

Enjoy!  Howard