Whitman County Fire and EMS - District 11
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Fire & EMS for Colfax, Diamond, Steptoe, Albion

This currently only monitors the Fire and EMS radio traffic of district 11 in Whitman County, Washington. Whitman County has a central dispatch in Pullman, referred to as "Whit-Comm" in radio transmissions. The different designations for the stations in district 11 are as follows:

Colfax - 1
Diamond - 2
Steptoe -3
Albion -4

Equipment uses the 11XX pattern. The first 2 digits are for the district (11), the next digit is for the station and the last digit is for the apparatus number. Ex: If Diamond is responding with their #1 engine, they would tell dispatch "1121 in route".

Ambulances are:
Colfax: 11-1 and 11-2
Steptoe: 11-3
Albion: 11-4
District 12 ambulance: 11-5

Each Station also uses the above station numbering for their personnel. Personnel follows a three digit format with the leading digit the station identifier, the next digit the rank identifier and the last digit as needed. Ex: An Albion Firefighter who has an officer rank would respond perhaps as: 415