Chicago Police Zone 12 - Districts 15 and 25
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This feed of Zone 12 - Dist. 15 & 25 has permanently been terminated due to encryption by the O.E.M.C. The feed is still available on Brocastify but NOT in real time!

This feed link is of the Chicago Police Zone 12 Radio System, that dispatches the 15th and 25th Districts.  This Zone is unique because of the two Districts using the same last three digits (unit/car numbers) when calling Beatcars.  Example is, with other Zones they will call beat 1511 as 511 and beat  2511 as 511.  So what they did was to have the Beatcars in the 15th District use the Station neighborhood name of the 15th District/Austin Station, as their call sign.  Example is if Beat 1511 was calling the Zone or the Zone was call Beat 1511, they use 1511 or Austin 11 and then 511 on the Zone is known as Beat 2511.

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