W5RHS SKYWARN Repeater System 147.1200 and 146.8050 MHz
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Located west of Benton Arkansas on I-30. The 147.120 repeater is active during severe weather events. It has a linking system that can link to Skywarn nets across Arkansas. During non Skywarn activity this repeater carries normal radio traffic.

This is the W5RHS Skywarn Repeater System. There are three repeaters on this system in Saline County. One is the 147.120 MHZ with a 131.8 pl tone. It covers all of Saline county and parts the surrounding counties. It is equipped with a SAME weather radio programed for Saline and the surrounding counties. This repeater has an extensive remote linking system that is used to connect to skywarn nets across the state of Arkansas.  The second repeater is the W5RHS Saline County Races repeater 146.805 with a pl tone of 131.8. It is stand alone but is linkable during times of emergency. The third is 444.800, it has a PL tone of 131.8.  It is a dual mode Yeasu Fusion repeater.  It is linked to 147.120. It has similar coverage as 147.120.  The feed receiver is a Motorola HT1000 on a battery eliminator and external antenna.

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