Akron, Fairlawn, Copley, Coventry Township, New Fran...
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State Police = OSP District 3 Summit Stark, Sheriff Summit county. Cuyahoga Falls Fire Police.. Scanner Radio for Android phone & Winamp on computer let you see what feed is broadcasting.

Scanner sending Feed is a Uniden Bearcat SDS200. Recieving Antenna located in Coventry Township, Portage Lakes area. I live around Portage Lakes So that is where I'm listening to about a 23 mile circle.  And it seems to be work in progress as it take at least me a lot of my time to figure it out.

 Not ment to be mean but I'm sharing what I want to listen to and not what others think they need to listen to so if it doesn't live up to what your needs are change feeds or invest in your own scanner to share..

  Scanner Data Base reprogramed Date: 01/14/2021