BNSF Aberdeen Rail Dispatch and Yard Ops
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Aberdeen BNSF Rail Traffic. Main line dispatch from Aberdeen to Hettinger/Benson/Sioux City. (Priority). Broadcasting yard operations.

Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad Aberdeen, South Dakota.

BNSF Aberdeen Dispatch to Hettinger, Aberdeen Dispatch to Benson/Sioux City.  Aberdeen yard operations.

Using a Pro2026 analog scanner, Dualband Diamond X50 antenna @50ft..Feed into Scanner Cast, no tags, dispatch priority.

161.100     BM CSQ BNSF66 Aberd Aberdeen Dispatch/Benson/SioCi FMN Railroad
160.515   L/O RM CSQ BNSF27 SxCty Sioux City Terminal FMN Railroad
160.650     BM CSQ BNSF36 AlbYd Aberdeen Yard FMN Railroad
161.385     BM CSQ BNSF85 Mobrg Aberdeen SD to Hettinger ND FMN Railroad
161.355 160.650   RM CSQ BNSF83 AbdYd Aberdeen Yard FMN Railroad
160.665 161.505 L/O RM CSQ BNSF MRAS 3 MRAS Red FMN Railroad
161.310 160.290   RM CSQ BNSF MRAS 6 MRAS Orange FMN Railroad
161.490 160.245   RM CSQ BNSF MRAS 7 MRAS Yellow FMN Railroad

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