Williamsburg Area Railroad
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This feed monitors the CSX Peninsula Subdivision between AM Junction, VA, and Hampton Roads, VA. Focus is primarily in the Williamsburg, VA, area with coverage "hopefully" extending to Oriana to the east and Diano to the west at some point. Realistically,

I operated this feed last year and shut it down after I went home for summer break. This feed will operate the same as my old feed but hopefully eventually with better range and sound quality. I'm In a dorm closer to the tracks this year so hopefully I'll have better range based solely on that. 

This feed will cover the 160.230 and 160.320 frequencies wihich govern rail activities on the CSX Peninsula Subdivision betwee AM Junction in Richmond, VA, and Hampton Roads in Newport News, VA. The range will propably not be great to start off but eventually I'd like to get coverage from Diano to Oriana. I will not be including EOT or HOT frequencies as they are annoying.

As of now, Williamsburg, the MP 42, Magruder, and the Williamsburg Defect Detector should be clearly audible. Toppings might be heard now and then.