Lake County Public Safety & Forestry
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Lakeview Fire, EMS, Sheriff, State Police & Lake County Road Department. BLM, USFS & ODF during fire season.

This feed will include, year-round:

Lake County and the Town of Lakeview

  • 155.070   Sheriff Dispatch [LCSO Disp]
  • 155.955   Fire Dispatch [LakeCo Fire Disp]
  • 154.430   Thomas Creek/Westside Fire Dept Repeater [TC/WS Fire Dept]
  • 158.970   Paisley Disaster Unit/Christmas Valley EMS [North Lake EMS]
  • 156.045   County Roads [LC Roads]
  • 154.145   Lakeview Fire Dispatch [Fire Dispatch]

Oregon Department of Transportation - Lakeview

  • 151.070   ODOT Lake County [ODOT D11 Lake]

Oregon State Police - Lakeview

  • 154.845   LK2 140 Lakeview [OSP Lakeview]


During fire season, it will include:

Oregon Dept. of Forestry - Lakeview Interagency Fire Center

  • 154.115   Round Pass/Black Cap/Yainax Butte [ODF Lakeview]

US Forest Service - Fremont Nat'l Forest (Lakeview, OR)

  • 169.925   South - Spodue/Grizzly/Drake [FNF South]


This feed is located in southern Lake County, Oregon, and includes the communities of Lakeview, Westside, Valley Falls, Paisley, Fort Rock and Christmas Valley. Equipment used is pretty meager at this point; a Radio Shack Pro94 scanner with a Tram mag-mount antenna and a headless Lenovo Windows 10 desktop running RadioFeed v6.1.  A (much) upgraded antenna system and UPS backup are in the works!