New Jersey Forest Fire Service - Division B
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Covering the Pine Barrens of Middlesex, Monmouth, Ocean and Burlington Counties in central New Jersey.

This receiver is a Motorola Maxtrac receiver (with PL) on a 150 ft tower in northern Monmouth County. System coverage is Monmouth, Middlesex, Ocean & Burlington Counties. A lot of Division A activity from northern NJ is also received on CH 8A and 9A.

The following frequencies are in scan: 

NJFFS ch 6- Primary Tactical

NJFFS ch 8- Div B Command Repeater (Burlington County)

NJFFS ch 8 North- Div B Command Repeater (Millstone)

NJFFS ch 10- Air Net/Tactical

NJFFS ch 11- Secondary Tactical 

NJFFS ch 7A- Common Tactical

NJFFS ch 8A- Common Tactical

NJFFS ch 9A- Common Tactical

NJDEP CH 1 - DEP Repeater  (TR Repeat- Toms River) Some  NJFFS Section B7 use

NJ DEP Ch 3-  Old fish & wildlife Repeater (Being tested for possible future forest fire use)


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Division B Radio IDs:
Car 40- Division Warden- New Lisbon Div office
Car 41- Asst. Div Warden- New Lisbon Div office
Car 42- Asst. Div Warden- New Lisbon Div office
Car 50-54 Mechanics/Shop- New Lisbon shop
Car W- State Firewarden- Trenton office
Delta 2 & 3 - Bell Jet Ranger helicopters 
Delta 5, 6, & 7- Huey helicopters with bambi buckets
Delta 10 & 15- Fixed wing Cessna's
Tanker 81, 82, 83- Contract Air Tractors (air tankers) Div B CENTRAL
Tanker 61, 62, 63- Contract AgCats (air tankers) Div C SOUTH
Tanker 41, 42 Contract Turbine AgCats (air tankers) Statewide


Lakewood - Ocean County

Jamesburg- Middlesex County

Apple Pie Hill- Burlington County

Cedar Bridge- Ocean County

Medford- Burlington County

Lebanon- Burlington County

Bass River- Burlington County

Batsto- Burlington County