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Feed includes Fire Zone "A" (all fire agencies except Sacramento City Fire), and Folsom PD. See notes for more details.

Included Talk Groups:

  • Sacramento Regional Fire/EMS Communications Center (SRFECC) -  "A" zone talkgroups including dispatch, command and fire TAC channels.  This covers the following agencies:
    • Cosumnes Community Services District Fire
    • Courtland Fire
    • Folsom Fire
    • Herald Fire Protection District
    • Isleton Fire
    • River Delta Fire Protection District
    • Sacramento Metropolitan FIre District (Metro Fire)
    • Walnut Grove Fire Protection District
    • Wilton Fire Protection District
  • Folsom Police Department

Main differentiator for this feed is to focus on Folsom-specific public safety, thus the fire "A" zone to capture Folsom Fire, and the addition of Folsom PD.