Oswego County Public Safety
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Oswego County Sheriff, Oswego City Police, Fulton City Police, SUNY Oswego Police, NYS Parks Police, Oswego County Fire, EMS Dispatch, and Fireground 7-12 & 14. Includes Oswego County Highway (winter months only).

Monitoring the Central New York Interoperable Communications Consortium (CNYICC) P25 Phase II trunked system in Oswego County, New York.

This feed monitors/records all channels simultaneously, then replays the transmissions in the order in which they were received. Delay may be up to 3 minutes depending on amount of traffic at the time, transmissions in the queue for more than 3 minutes are dropped from the queue and not broadcast.


  • Oswego County Sheriff (CNYICC Talkgroup 8012 - includes Central Square, Phoenix and Pulaski Police and New York State Police)
  • Oswego City Police (CNYICC Talkgroup 8013)
  • Fulton City Police (CNYICC Talkgroup 8014)
  • SUNY Oswego Police (CNYICC Talkgroup 8023)
  • New York State Parks Police Central Region (CNYICC Talkgroup 117)
  • Oswego County EMS Dispatch (CNYICC Talkgroup 8039)
  • Oswego County Fire Dispatch (CNYICC Talkgroup 8046)
  • Oswego County Fireground 7 (CNYICC Talkgroup 8047)
  • Oswego County Fireground 8 (CNYICC Talkgroup 8048)
  • Oswego County Fireground 9 (CNYICC Talkgroup 8049)
  • Oswego County Fireground 10 (CNYICC Talkgroup 8050)
  • Oswego County Fireground 11 (CNYICC Talkgroup 8051)
  • Oswego County Fireground 12 (CNYICC Talkgroup 8052)
  • Oswego County Fireground 14 (CNYICC Talkgroup 8053)
  • Oswego County Highway (CNYICC Talkgroup 8003winter months only.)


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Feed Maintenance

Occasionally, routine maintenance may be conducted on the feed computer by restarting it to ensure it runs effectively. This maintenance will be conducted overnight during quiet hours between 1 to 7 AM local time. Maintenance should take no more than 5 to 10 minutes.

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