Lee County Public Safety
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This feed includes ALL fire talkgroups, with the exception of department operations. Communications include:

ALL Lee Control/LCFD dispatch channels

ALL Lee Control/LCFD Tier-1 tactical channels (as well as TAC-11, TAC-13, TAC-51, and AREA COM)

ALL Cape Coral Fire Department/CCFD dispatch and tactical channels

ALL Lee Control special-use and emergency management talkgrous such as ICOM, LEECOM, DISP MUTE, FIRE DESK, LEE-COL1 & LEE-COL2, CAPE EM, EMG OPS, Emergency Management Dispatch, LeeFlight AIR OPS, LG TAC-1, CFR-1, CFR-2, & CFR-4, as well as ALL Fire Service M/A talkgroups.