Erie County Public Safety
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Erie County Next Generation Calls System, This stream is a legacy version of the new calls platform. This stream provides all of Erie County's public safety radios.

New High Bandwith Reciever located high in the center of the county to provide better coverage of Erie County


Hospitals will be turned off during high activity events


Antenna Altitude MSL 1473.1ft


Channels Include:


EFD Dispatch

EFD Tac 1

EFD Tac 2


Millcreek Fire Dispatch

Millcreek Fire Tac 1 - 4

Millcreek Special 1

Millcreek Special 2


County Fire South Dispatch

County Fire South Tac 1 - 4


South Special 1 -2


County Fire West Dispatch

County Fire West Tac 1 - 4


West Special 1 - 2


County Fire East Dispatch

County Fire East Tac 1 - 4


East Special 1 - 2


County Fire Interag


UPMC Hamot


Millcreek Community

Corry Memorial


Emergycare Dispatch

Emergycare Ops

Emergycare Tac