Springfield Police and Fire, Greene County Sheriff a...
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Springfield Police dispatch Zone 1 and 2. Springfield Fire dispatch. Greene County Sheriff dispatch (PAT 1). Greene County Fire dispatch. Fire Ops and rural departments moved to Springfield/Greene Fire Operations feed.

Please Note: There may be extended periods of silence if no radio communication is occurring on any of our monitored channels. This does not indicate a problem with the feed, but instead is a result of idle activity within the monitored agencies. Sometimes it gets quiet.  

As of February 14, 2022, the Springfield/Greene County radio systems have switched to the Missouri Statewide Wireless Interoperable Network (MOSWIN) P25 Phase 1 digital system from the previous analog Motorola Type II system. 

The following is some technical information about this scanner radio audio feed;

- This scanner feed has been broadcasting since February 28, 2010 -

- Update March 13, 2023:  We have split the fire operations into a separate feed to reduce the interruptions when monitoring active law enforcement activities.  Fire dispatch will still be included in both feeds, but the on-scene operations can be monitored on our new scanner feed; Springfield and Greene County Fire.

MOSWIN 800 Mhz APCO P25 Phase 1 simulcast system.

  • Springfield Police North
  • Springfield Police South
  • Springfield Fire Dispatch
  • Greene County Sheriff Dispatch
  • Greene County Fire Dispatch

Current talkgroup ID's include the following:

City Law Enforcement

40052    Springfield Police South (ch 1)
40053    Springfield Police North (ch 2)

City Fire Department

40126    Springfield Fire Dispatch 1
40127    Springfield Fire Dispatch 2

Greene County Sheriff Dispatch

40702    County-Wide Law Enforcement Dispatch
40703    Greene County Sheriff Dispatch (PAT-1)

Greene County Fire

40751    County-Wide Fire Dispatch
40755    Greene County Fire Common


Broadcasting from the Southwest corner of Springfield, Missouri using a USB SDR (Software Defined Radio) dongle and a Raspberry Pi (micro-computer) running custom OP25 SDR software on Linux, with a 1 gigabit fiber-optic internet connection to Broadcastify.com.  Alpha tags were added to this feed on April 1, 2016 to display the current channel being heard.

The entire setup now consumes only 5 volts of electricity, other than the 12 volts used by the network router. My previous configuration required an Intel Core 2 Duo laptop running Windows 7, which operated this feed for its first 5 years.  The new setup produces almost no heat and absolutely no noise from fans or hard drives. Aside from the networking equipment, this feed is powered by nothing more than a cell phone charger.

If you have any difficulty in receiving this feed or with the audio and feel the need to submit a Problem Report, please provide your email address or other contact information so that I can provide assistance to you.

The operator of this feed has employed multiple methods of monitoring the uptime and availability of the scanner audio. If there is an audio problem or the scanner feed is down completely, rest assured we already know about it.

Thanks for listening!