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Amtrak and NJT Rail are streamed here.

SDR device hooked up to an antenna about 1500 feet away from a rail line about 135 feet above sea level.

Amtrak and New Jersey Transit are streamed here. 

Able to listen to CETC-3, 4, 5, 6, 7 with Zoo, Overbrook and Paoli towers.

Some nights and early mornings, coverage extends to CETC-1,2 and 8 and 9 and Section C.

The Amtrak portion are the following frequencies:
160.635 - Keystone Corridor
160.920 - Northeast Corridor Road Channel #1 - west of Torresdale
161.010 - Northeast Corridor Road Channel #2 - east of Torresdale

New Jersey Transit

161.400 - Atlantic City Line  in and around Philadelphia. Sometimes coverage extends further depending on conditions.

161.235 - Coast Line 

7-26-2023 - SEPTA, CSX and Conrail frequencies has been removed due to a lot of activity on their frequencies.


8-04-2023 investigating some additional interference and looking into solutions