Nampa Fire
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 Nampa Fire District. Covers City of Nampa, ID and the Nampa Rural Fire Protection District and is dispatched by Nampa Police Dispatch Center. Nampa fire is a 100% career departement currently has 5 stations, 4 ALS Engines, 1 ALS Ladder, 1 Truck (ALS Depending on Paramedic Staffting) 1 ALS Squad and 1 Battalion Chief.  A 6th station is currently under construction.  NFD also cross staffs a Water Tender (Station 3) a Brush Truck (Station 5) and a Tech Rescue unit (Station 1) when needed.  EMS transport is provided by Canyon County Paramedics who are dispatched by the Canyon County Sheriffs Dispatch Center.  You can listen CCP on the Caldwell Fire Feed (Provided by a different provider)

Frquency 774.88125

TG 14403 Nampa Fire Primary "Charles 16" (Dispatch) 

TG 14408 Nampa Fire Tac "Charles 14" (Fire ground)