Klamath National Forest
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Feed provided by Watch Duty to assist in reporting throughout the area.

This feed covers fire frequencies in the Klamath National Forest and is provided by Watch Duty to support reporting in this area. This is not a scanning feed. The audio output is in stereo, and all frequencies are output simultaneously so that no audio is missed. Frequencies may be added or removed with or without notice as extended incidents evolve throught the Unit and National Forest.

Feedback welcome: echo+broadcastify@watchduty.org

  • Klamath National Forest Forest Net (171.52500)
  • Klamath National Forest Black Net (169.63750)
  • Klamath National Forest Orange Net (172.27500)
  • Klamath National Forest River Net (172.25000)
  • Klamath National Forest Sage Net (172.32500)
  • Klamath National Forest Salmon Net (172.40000)
  • USFS Air to Ground 43 (167.60000)
  • USFS Air to Ground 8 (166.87500)
  • USFS Air Tactics 44 (168.83750)

Question or feedback on the feed or its contents? echo+alerts@watchduty.org