Monmouth County Fire - Ops 1
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Monmouth County Fire Ops 1 Remote Recording Feed

Feed hosted by Chief 360

Monmouth County Fire Ops 1 feed is supplied by recordings provided by Mobile Recording Platforms. Since Fire Ops 1 is a PTP channel, audio must first be recorded, uploaded to a database, and then streamed. Latency from recording to upload is 2-5 seconds depending on length of recording/file size. Latency from upload to stream is dependent on Broadcastify but averages 45-60 seconds.

The Mobile Recording Platforms listed below are unit numbers relevant to Monmouth County's radio designations. It can be assumed that if a unit listed below is on scene of an incident, it will be recording and uploading radio transmissions. 

There may occasionally be repeated, missed, unintelligible, low volume, loud,  or subpar transmissions.


Any questions, comments, or concerns please contact 

Mobile Recording Platforms:

4366 4377